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Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide the following services and are tailored to each child's specific plan of care: 

  • fine motor skill development

  • oral motor & feeding

  • eye-hand coordination

  • strengthening

  • reflex integration

  • sensory integration

  • regulation

  • social play skills

  • Independence with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)


When to seek an occupational therapy referral:

  • if your child is having difficulty tolerating their surroundings or is overly sensitive to stimuli

  • poor social development 

  • difficulty grasping writing or eating utensils

  • difficulty tolerating self-care routines

  • difficulty attending to challenging or non-preferred directed tasks

  • constant melt-downs/ unable to soothe self

  • eating a very limited diet

  • limited independence in ADLs


Our sensory system drives how we feel and react to situations. If we are overstimulated, we have a hard time with self-regulation, tolerating change and learning new things.

Sensory red flags may include:

  • frequent melt-downs

  • intolerance of normal daily self-care skills

  • intolerance of loud noises

  • sensory seeking or avoiding behaviors

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